Monthly Archives: September 2019

Cross Creek Cookery: Okra a la Cross Creek

 Okra A la Cross Creek:Have ready boiling, lightly salted water.  Choose only tiny very young fresh okra pods.  Wash.  Do not cut off the stem end, as you trust me.  Drop whole pods in rapidly boiling water and boil exactly seven minutes from the time the water resumes its boiling.  Not a moment longer.  Drain quickly.  Arrange […]

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Garden Transformation

The summer garden is winding down, with mostly  8-ft tall zinnias and lots of butterflies.  Visit with our dedicated volunteers and staff who have brought back several of the heirloom vegetable varieties.

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Cross Creek Cookery: Mango Ice Cream

Mango Ice Cream 3 cups sieved mangos   1 cup chilled boiled custard (from MKR’s Floating Island recipe, included below) ¾ cup sugar Juice of 1 to 1 ½ lemons 2 cups heavy cream To make custard: Scald 2 cups of rich whole milk in a double boiler. Add 3 lightly beaten egg yolks, ½ […]

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