Citrus Grove Improvements

Over time, some of the trees in the Rawlings citrus grove were showing their age, so the Friends organized a major rejuvenation project. With the assistance of labor afforded by the Alachua County Sheriff's Department, about forty trees were removed in the spring of 2004, and the ground prepared for the planting of young Parson Brown and Pineapple orange trees, the varieties most popular during the days when the grove was operated by Marjorie Rawlings. The new trees appreciated the rains of summer and were shielded from the frosts of winter with colorful bed sheet tents. The grove is in good shape and the mature trees gave us a bounty of fruit this season, most of it shared with local charities.

Old trees removed.

Making room for new trees.

Old trees chipped.

New trees were planted.

New trees are protected from the Winter cold.

In the Fall, the older trees are filled with ripe fruit.