Historic Photos

In 1950, Marjorie Rawlings gave her manuscripts and correspondence to the University of Florida. This gift was the foundation of a growing collection of Florida writers held by the University's Smathers Library. Over the years, the Rawlings collection has grown with the addition of more manuscripts, books, letters, photographs and other related materials. We thank the staff of the Special Collections Department at the Mathers Library for permission to use the following historic photographs related to the life of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings.

Marjorie Kinnan's birth certificate.

Marjorie Rawlings in her Cross Creek living room.

Marjorie, called Peaches by her family, at age 18 months.

Marjorie Kinnan met her first husband, Charles Rawlings, while they were classmages at the University of Wisconsin.

Cats and dogs were an important part of life at Cross Creek. Moe was a faithful companion for Marjorie Rawlings, seated here in one of the hand-crafted chairs that still can be seen on the front porch.

Marjorie Rawlings and a resident of the Big Scrub.

Marjorie Rawlings traveled to England in 1933 to do research for her novel, Gold Apples. This passport dates from that time.

This visa was issued to Marjorie Rawlings when she visited England in 1933 to do research for Golden Apples

At the gate to her Cross Creek farm.

Relaxing on the porch of her Cross Creek home.

Marjorie with ducks.

Marjorie Rawlings, her dog Moe, and Norton Baskin enjoyed a day of hunting.

Much of the published work by MKR was done on her typewriter at the Cross Creek Farmhouse.

Marjorie Rawlings and her guests in Cross Creek living room on a festive occasion.

Marjorie Rawlings was as comfortable in sophisticated settings as she was in her Cross Creek home.

This 1941 photograph was taken at Marineland on the Atlantic Coast.

Margaret Mitchell (left) was a close friend of Marjorie Rawlings and visited Cross Creek with her husband.

A copy of the letter informing her of winning Pulitzer Prize for The Yearling.

Marjorie Rawlings loved her garden, which still produces vegetables, herbs, and flowers all year long.

MKR and Martha Mickens standing near the back steps.

On movie set for The Yearling

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

Dessie Smith Prescott and Marjorie Rawlings took a boat trip down the St. Johns River that Rawlings later wrote about in her short story, Hyacinth Drift.

Dessie was a dear friend and teacher to Marjorie.

Barney Dillard was a friend and hunter who helped Marjorie Rawlings with her research, particularly with her stories of bear hunting.

Cal Long and his family were early settlers in the Big Scrub. Marjorie Rawlings stayed with the Longs and used their remote homestead as the setting for the Yearling.

Norton Baskin was MKR's longtime friend and second husband. They married in 1941.

Leonard Fiddia and Daniel Wells helped Marjorie Rawlings gather stories of life in the Big Scrub for her novels.

One of Marjorie Rawling's favorite recipes was for Crab a la Newburg, and she sometimes went crabbing at Salt Springs to get the main ingredient.

Martha Mickens on the back steps of the house.

Marjorie Rawlings stayed with Piety Fiddia and her son Leonard in the Big Scrub while she was doing research for her first book, South Moon Under.