Jim Stephens Tour of Antioch Cemetery

Oct 03

Many of the Cross Creek, Florida friends Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings wrote about in her book “Cross Creek” are buried in the Antioch Cemetery near Island Grove, FL just east of Cross Creek. James M. Stephens has written what he thinks many of those friends would say about themselves and their relationship with the late Pulitzer-Prize-winning author. Donna Green-Townsend, a board member of the MKR Friends of the Farm, captured those narratives on video on a couple of James Stephens walking tours of the Antioch Cemetery in 2018. The walking tours were sponsored by the Friends of the Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Farm organization. Note: When Jim makes reference to someone “coming here in…” he is referring to when the various folks ended up buried in the Antioch Cemetery. While there are several of MKR’s friends buried in the Antioch Cemetery, there are several (such as Dorsey, Floyd and Preston Townsend, Ella Mae Slater and Snow Slater) who are buried in the Townsend Cemetery near Grove Park, FL. As of this writing it is not widely known where Marsh Turner or Mr. Martin are buried.