Virtual tour of MKR Historic State Park

  • Grounds & Trails
  •            Grove            
  •      FarmHouse     
  •   Tenant House  
  •            Barn            

Grounds and Trails

Hammock soil scene.

Hammock trail.

"The hammocks were the same then as now, and will be the same forever if man can be induced to leave them alone" - Marjorie Rawlings

Eagle nest on a new trail.

A bracken fern.

A marsh fern.

Saw palmetto jungle.

Cabbage palmetto or palm.

Workers in the garden.

The garden in the spring


A rooster

The garden.



The garden is newly planted.

Orange trees in blossom.

A swamp lilly

Another angle of the swamp lily.

A coral honeysuckle.

A turks cap

A shrimp bush

An orange blossom

A spider wort.

A wash pot.