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Book Titles

South Moon Under, 1933

Based on the research she did in the Big Scrub while living with Piety and Leonard Fiddia, Marjorie Rawlings's first novel, published in 1933. The success of this work encouraged her to keep writing about the world she had discovered when she moved to Cross Creek in 1928.

Golden Apples, 1935

Motivated by her fascination with her beloved orange grove, Marjorie Rawlings wove the lives of native Cracker folk with those of a sophisticated, brittle Englishman to tell the story of planting a grove in a dense Florida hammock.

The Yearling, 1938

The Yearling became an instant best seller when it was published in 1938. The story of the boy, Jody Baxter, and his pet deer, Flag, was published in more than two dozen languages and became a major MGM motion picture.

When the Whippoorwill, 1940

The enormous popularity of The Yearling encouraged Scribner's Publishers to gather the best short stories written by Marjorie Rawlings into a volume of her collected works.

Cross Creek, 1942

Marjorie Rawlings wrote this love story to a place, her beloved Cross Creek, and filled it full of vivid characters and critters, as well as evocative glimpses of her pastoral Eden.

Cross Creek Cookery, 1942

This charming cookery book, still popular, reveals the delight Marjorie Rawlings found in preparing interesting meals, no matter what the occasion.

The Sojourner, 1953

Based on the life of her grandfather Traphagen, a farmer in Michigan, this pastoral novel was published in 1953, the year that Marjorie Rawlings died.

The Secret River, 1955

This children's story, published after her death in 1953, evokes the wonder and mystery of Cross Creek that so captivated Marjorie Rawlings through the years

The Marjorie Rawlings Reader, 1956

This collection of short stories and excerpts from her longer works was edited by Marjorie Rawling's friend, Julia Scribner Bigham.

Short Stories by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, 1994

This collection of all of Rawling's short fiction except Mountain Prelude and The Secret River is edited by Rodger Tarr. The Introduction by Tarr includes valuable comments on each story in the collection.

Poems by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings: Songs of a Housewife, 1997

Rawlings published this "newspaper poetry" in the Rochester Times-Union during the 1920's. The collection is edited by Rodger L. Tarr.

Blood of My Blood,


The lost first novel by Rawlings was never published in her lifetime, in fact, it was unknown even to her editor, Max Perkins. This is an autobiographical novel that focuses primarily upon the relationship between Rawlings and her mother.

The Uncollected Writings of

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, 2007

This collection of juvenilia, college writing, newspaper pieces, and stories of life in Florida is an intimate glimpse of Rawlings mastering her craft.

Edited by Rodger L. Tarr and Brent E. Kinser.

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