Art Restoration

Marjorie Rawlings collected some very interesting items of art during her lifetime. Some pieces are from friends such as Ocala artist, Robert Camp, while others are prints of work from famous artists such as Charles Bird King and Grant Wood. The pieces are interesting on their own, but additionally valuable to understanding the life and interests of MKR. While the Cross Creek Farmhouse is well cared for as a state park, there has never been climate control in the facility. Therefore, the pieces from the oils to the plaster mirror have shown considerable damage due to time, humidity and temperature. To preserve these pieces, the Friends Board approved, in 2004, funds for major renovation and archival framing of the artwork in the farmhouse. Work was coordinated by the St. Augustine Gallery in St. Augustine, Florida. Articles in the newsletters describe and give the history of various works. This is an ongoing project. Harold Martin at Harold's Framing and Gallery in Gainesville has contributed to the restoration project.

Pictures were removed from the house for a time for cleaning and reframing.

Bill Green of St. Augustine Gallery holds an antique mirror that was restored.

Painting by Robert Camp