Cars Under The Stars (Fall 2004 Fundraiser)

On a lovely fall afternoon (October 23, 2004) antique cars drove into the Rawlings citrus grove, over 120 people came through the gates, and the party was on. Music by Tom Staley, his son and wife drew attention to the barn area. Auction items were an attraction in front of the barn, and the farmhouse was open for guided tours. In the back yard by the duck pens was a barbeque grill and under the tent dinner plates were served with chicken and pork barbeque, beans, and coleslaw. Highlighted at the event were the recent preservation of the Olds (a rework of the outside of the car-it has no motor), preservation of the grove including removal of some sour fruit trees and planting heirloom varieties, and repair, preservation, and conservation of Marjorie's artwork in the farmhouse.

Here are some selected photos from 2004.‚Äč

The newly painted Olds was on display

An antique truck was on display

An antique car on display

Various antique cars were on display in the grove.

Various antique cars were on display in the grove.

Tom Staley and family provided music for event.

Barbeque was cooked and served by Shirley Payton and her helpers.

There were active bids on the magnolia bowls in the action.