The Tenant House

Marjorie Rawlings wrote of the tenant house that stood on her Cross Creek property and she wrote of the people who lived there while they worked for her. Her original tenant house was demolished decades ago, but in 1999 we had an opportunity to restore this important element to the grounds of the Rawlings farm when our neighbor, Kate Barnes, donated a tenant house that stood on her property, once owned by the Brice family. The Friends of the Farm received a Historic Preservation Grant-in-Aid to move the period structure to the MKRHSP, and the Florida Park Service provided additional funds to complete the rehabilitation of the fragile building. The front porch has now been restored and simple furnishing placed inside. In May of 2003, the tenant house was dedicated in its new site in the Rawlings grove.

Inspecting the tenant house before the move.

The house was moved a short distance down CR325.

In the Rawlings grove, before the new foundation piers were in place.

Idella Parker, Marjorie Rawlings's "Perfect Maid," helped Professor Kay Williams and the Friends plan the details of the tenant house and yard restoration.

Lantanas bloom in the swept yard of the tenant house.